Destroy your enemies,
defend your PlayStation®4

We can’t save the world from an alien invasion, but we can give your PlayStation® an extra life if it breaks down or gets damaged. Let the PlayStation® Protection Policy look after your PS4, so you can get on with saving the universe.

It doesn't have to be
game over

Whether you like sports games or strategy, role playing or shoot-em-ups - gaming is a serious business. Registering your 12 month guarantee will make sure you get back in the game as quickly as possible if your PS4 breaks down or develops a fault.

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PlayStation® Protection Policy

Your PlayStation®4 comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee that protects you from faults and breakdowns.

The PlayStation® Protection Policy from Domestic & General can keep you in the game longer if the worst happens.

  • What you get

    Extra lives for your PS4

    PlayStation® Protection Policy

    We can cover your console for accidental damage and breakdowns, and if we can’t fix it we’ll replace it...

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    If you’ve already registered, and need help with a fault or breakdown. We’ll save your PS4, so you can get on with saving the world, contact us today.